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IEEE 主編 Kay Chen Tan 博士講座
  • 发布单位:正规网赌网址計算機科學與技術學院
  • 發佈時間:2019-03-26
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Artificial Intelligence Applied to Condition-Based Maintenance


2019326日星期二    1500 16:00



Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is seen an important tool for running an unmanned factory in an optimal manner, allowing real-world equipment managed by measuring simple values such as temperature, pressure, etc.  It is however not trivial to turn the measured data into actionable knowledge about the health of the equipment. This talk will discuss various challenges to the use of CBM and present recent advances on applying data-driven based artificial intelligence technologies to CBM without the need of relying on physical domain knowledge. Experimental results obtained from a number of case studies, such as robust prognostics, tool condition monitoring and automated surface inspection, will also be analyzed and discussed in the presentation.


主講人簡介:香港城市大學 Kay Chen Tan 教授aaaa,英國格拉斯哥大學學士、博士aaaa,美國 IEEE FellowFellow 評委、CIS AdCom 委員aaa。目前擔任 IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary ComputationIF8.124)主編aaaa,曾任 IEEE Computational Intelligence MagazineIF6.611)主編aaa,也是其它10多個頂級國際期刊的編輯aaaaa,2016年世界智能計算全會(WCCI)聯合主席aaaaa,並將擔任2019 IEEE 進化計算大會(CEC)聯合主席aaaaa。Tan 教授發表了280多篇論文aaa,出版了10本專著aaa,其中《現代工業自動化軟件設計》被翻譯成中文aaaaa,曾應邀在60多個國際會議上做大會報告aaaaa,獲得了許多學術機構的成就獎和榮譽aaaaa,包括2016 IEEE Transactions on Neural Network and Learning Systems 的最佳論文獎aaa,2008年國際機構 International Network for Engineering Education & Research的‘Recognition Award’獎等aaaa。他主要研究人工智能及計算智能、機器學習及優化、數據挖掘及運籌學等aaa,推進優化、數據分析和機器學習應用的理論和創新技術aaaa,在Google學術上被引用11,000餘次aaaaa,h-index 52aaa。


主辦單位:計算機科學與技術學院    工業4.0人工智能實驗室


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